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Kingdom Hearts Manga iPhone 5 Wallpaper Backgrounds requested by ibbaras

NOTE:  These also fit for iPhone 4/4S.

Please do not remove the comment.

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30 Day Mass Effect Challenge

Day 5: Favorite Loyalty Mission 

Grunt: Rite of Passage.

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So far, S4 looks a lot more cartoon-y than S3.

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bioshock infite + places // battleship bay

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Imagine if Ruff Rabbit was a screamo band

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strEEt aRt Series

Photo by Steven Cooper (@Mr_Konceptz) - CK Photography

Model - Shenelle Malcolm

Philadelphia. PA

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what if pokemon had nerdy teen phases

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Levitating Speaker Is Like Your Own Bluetooth Audio Death Star

Using the now well-known idea of magnetic levitation, the OM/ONE speaker floats about an inch off its base, allowing the user to spin it around in mid-air while listening to the audio.

Don’t need it.

But I WANT it.

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hazuki nagisa.
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